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Ethical Hacking Network Security Auditing Academic Essay

Requirements:Task 1Set up your Linux victim host with minimum services running:o Bind and DHCP servers based on the range of IP addresses only with the domain name created as follows: grpGroupNo.local (e.g. group 01 will have the domain name: grp01.local – Any different format used will result in marks being deducted).Task 2HTTP web server to host two domains namely, grpGroupNo.local and teamGroupNo.local. Make sure that your group number is added in place of GroupNo.Attacks required: A minimum of 2 attacks should be demonstrated against each of these services and systems. Any further and complex attacks will attract more marks.• Set up your Kali attacker machine using the latest version of the software.• Set up a client machine to demonstrate the operation of the services (no demonstration should be attempted from the server side).Authorised users will have access to the victim server. Create the appropriate accounts and any necessary shares for access from the client computer (Running Windows XP). Any software installation must be licensed or be free to use. You have the complete responsibility of your test machines regarding troubleshooting and maintenance throughout the coursework.